Systemic Inflammation


The body initiates inflammation to remove harmful stimuli and protect itself. It is a necessary healing process and without it infections and wounds would never heal. There are different types of inflammation: acute, (when you cut yourself), chronic, (arthritis, asthma, acne), and what we are concerned with here, Systemic, or whole-body Inflammation. Of massive importance to your health and longevity is continual inflammation of your arteries, which, as stated above, damages and irritates their lining, (the endothelium), impedes the flow of blood and nutrients, and then like crud in your sink pipes, you get blockage. I don’t have to tell you what eventually happens when there is arterial blockage. This process continues and you get scarring and lesions causing further blockage and end up with an artery that looks like a worn out old garden hose. Sadly enough, the medical establishment continues to point the blame at high cholesterol and dietary fat as sources of the problem and prescribe statin drugs like Lipitor, claiming they are like Drano, lowering the number and removing the crud, when real the solution is to drop the bagel!


- Heart Disease is not about high cholesterol. It's about arteries that are inflamed, cholesterol gets stuck and lodged in its lining.

- Swollen arteries are a result of ingesting inflammatory foods.

- Excess cholesterol is produced due to the over-consumption of carbohydrate, not fat.

- Statin Drug Therapy lowers ALL cholesterol good & bad, minimally reduces inflammation but does not solve the problem, only coming with a host of side effects.


The High Carbohydrate Link

Here’s the thing, this inflammation can be directly traced to the over consumption of carbohydrates, namely wheat, soy and other grains, sugars, oils high on omega 6, and dairy. All of these foods are known to be pro-inflammatory leading to a cascade of physiological disasters in your bloodstream and continual consumption not only leads to obesity, but a host of diseases namely Atherosclerosis, Autoimmune Diseases, Arthritis, and Cancer.

With regard to diet, health, food, and longevity, Systemic Inflammation can be directly linked to, and caused by eating a diet loaded with carbohydrates coming in the form of grains, sugars, and beans. Around 65% of the Standard American Diet’s (S.A.D.) calories come from carbohydrates, and as discussed in my articles on Insulin and The Cholesterol-Insulin Link, a diet too heavy in Carbohydrates is definitely the road less traveled.

Chains of Pain

Excess Glucose = Excess Insulin production = Insulin Sensitivity = Diabetes = Cancer

Excess Glucose = Conversion to Fat = Obesity = Atherosclerosis = Heart Disease

Excess Glucose = Excess Triglycerides = Excess small-dense LDL cholesterol = arterial wall damage = blockage = stroke/heart attack

Excess Glucose = Fatty Liver Disease = Cirrhosis

Excess Glucose = Excess Cortisol = Suppressed Immune System = You get sick

Even More Scary

Chronic inflammation is widely observed in people who are obese, and a vicious circle whereby immune cells mistake fatty deposits for intruders and attack fat similar to bacteria and fungi. White blood cells are called into action to clean up the mess and embed themselves into the adipose tissue. Now, once expanded, these fat cells leak or break open, release their own inflammatory chemicals. So, in effect, while trying to help out, white blood cells encourage and continue the damage by releasing more cytokines into the system continuing the viscous circle.


Exercise...When Too Much is Too Much

While daily exercise is an integral and necessary part of a healthy lifestyle, excessive exercise, such as marathons, triathlons, and daily chronic obsessive cardio machine monotony, are promoting systemic inflammation through excess Cortisol production, C-reactive production, and Creatine Phosphokinase. These blood markers are an indication of too much – too often yet these excessive athletes do not slow down, only train more while their bodies are trying to heal. And you thought these skinny waifs were healthy!


Technical Jargon...If you are so inclined...

                                                       or if you don't believe the Caveman!

Chronic systemic inflammation (SI) is the result of release of pro-inflammatory cytokines from immune-related cells and the chronic activation of the innate immune system.

Cytokines are small cell-signaling protein molecules that are secreted by numerous cells and are a category of signaling molecules used extensively in intercellular communication. The term "cytokine" has been used to refer to the immunomodulator/immunomodulating agents, such as interleukins and interferons.

Interleukins are a group of Cytokines which are produced by a wide variety of body cells. The function of the immune system depends in a large part on interleukins, and rare deficiencies of a number of them have been described, all featuring autoimmune diseases  or immune deficiency.

With the discovery of interleukins (IL), the concept of systemic inflammation developed. Although the processes involved are identical to tissue inflammation, systemic inflammation is not confined to a particular tissue but involves the endothelium and other organ systems.

Atherosclerosis, formerly considered a bland lipid storage disease, actually involves an ongoing inflammatory response.


Funny, with all of the research cited, not ONCE in this huge article do the mention the primary cause of the inflammation, but start at LDL!

Yet State:

“Dietary changes to achieve benefit have been more controversial, generally far less effective and less widely adhered to with success.” 



Lipids Inflammation, and Atherosclerosis


Systemic Inflammation and Rheumatoid Arthritis




If you needed one more smoking gun against eating grains, dairy, beans, and the wrong vegetable oils, this is it: Systemic Inflammation. Believe or not, your body senses pro-inflammatory foods, like wheat, as invaders and responds by mounting an immune system attack. Certain chemical messengers are released and the result is inflammation and swelling of tissue. But unlike the simple immune responses for seasonal allergies or a paper cut, swollen arteries impede blood flow and cholesterol gets stuck in the lining. This is a bad, bad deal. Once again, a diet consisting of only lean meats, vegetables, eggs, fruit, nuts/seeds, and good oils, coupled with consistent exercise, good sleep, and a stress-free lifestyle are your keys to an optimally functioning body.




YUP, this is what a hardened a hardened artery looks like.